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BK-6864E/60 5V60A 64Channels Regenerate Lithium Battery Cycle Lifetime Tester
BK-6864E/60 5V60A 64Channels Regenerate Lithium Battery Cycle Lifetime Tester

BK-6864E/60 5V60A 64Channels Regenerate Lithium Battery Cycle Lifetime Tester

Product ID : BK-6864E/60
Product Attributes :


Battery:5V60A Lithium Cylindrical Battery Cell

Number of Channels:64 CH

Application:ev cylindrical cell cycle performance testing(18650 26650 21700 ...)

Product Description

Energy Regenerative Lithium Battery Cell Cycle Lifetime Charge Discharge Performance Testing Equipment for LAB

ModelBK-6864E/60 (5V60A) 64 Channels

.The main performance of the equipment

1.Specially designed and manufactured for performance testing and cycle life testing of rechargeable batteries, especially suitable for R&D departments.It can detect single-cell lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.

2.It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national test standards, and can test all the electrical performance test items of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the standard.

3.The device has 8 constant current sources, each of which is completely independent and can be independently controlled. Each battery can be tested for different types and specifications of batteries. The charging and discharging process, charging and discharging current and constant voltage value of each circuit are individually controlled by the computer Programming settings.

4.With multiple test modes, constant power charging, constant power discharge and constant resistance discharge can be realized.

5.With AC internal resistance test function, it can detect the change of battery internal resistance during charging and discharging in real time.

6.Optional temperature test module can detect the change of battery temperature in real time during charging and discharging.

7.Optional external voltage test module, suitable for users to extend the test battery pressure or thickness and other parameters.

8.Modular design and manufacture, reliable and stable long-term operation, easy maintenance.

9.The four-wire method is adopted for measurement, which eliminates wiring and contact errors to the maximum extent and has high test accuracy.

10.Using automatic current feedback adjustment technology to overcome the non-linear factors of automatic current setting, and to ensure the current setting accuracy within the full range.

11.It adopts a 24-bit high-precision A/D converter, and each channel is equipped with an independent 16-bit D/A circuit, and the resolution of current and voltage sampling and adjustment is high.

12With data power failure protection function.

13.The upper computer can set up to 64 steps and 9999 cycles, and can display the cycle life curve.

14.Each host computer can connect 1-16 sets of single-chip systems.

15.Supporting software functions.

A.Realize functions such as centralized measurement and control of equipment, data processing and report making, and have multiple protection functions such as voltage abnormality protection and current abnormality protection.

B.Provide powerful data processing functions, provide a variety of curve modes, such as voltage-time, current-time, internal resistance-time and its superimposed curve, characteristic value, cycle graph, etc., and provide flexible programming options for easy use.

C.Data export function, can export test data to Excel, Word, Access or text file;

.Main technical parameters

.Equipment outline drawing:

.Energy-saving principle block diagram of equipment:


                                                         Schematic diagram of equipment principle

                                               Schematic diagram of charge and discharge energy flow

When charging:

Charging adopts switching constant current source, which has higher energy conversion efficiency than traditional linear constant current source;

Energy flow direction: (power grid + energy generated by discharge equipment) → AC/DC two-way inverter power supply → constant current source module → battery 

When discharging:

Energy flow direction during discharge: battery→constant current source module→AC/DC two-way inverter power supply→battery→(discharging equipment + grid)

When discharging, most of the energy will flow through the factory's AC bus to the charging equipment and other energy-consuming equipment (such as air conditioning, lighting, office equipment, etc.), and there is still excess energy that will be fed back to the grid.

. Screenshot of battery testing software interface and curve:

Software Curve Display

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